How to Hold Smart Pots®

Care of a Specimen and Smart Pot:
Holding the Plant at the Nursery or Sales Yard
* It's Easy *

Specimen grown in Smart Pot-In-Ground And Above-Ground Smart Pot Container


  1. Start with 1 ½ gal., twice daily with a spray stick or other irrigation system.
  2. Adjust as needed; sides should be moist as water oozes from center but not running off.
    • Watch containers closely for a few days to become comfortable with your watering system, as the container is fabric and can lose moisture from the sides as well as the base.
    • And as it is fabric, the sides will not heat up or retain heat like a solid plastic pot.

Fertilizer: Plants should hold for the short term; a month or two. But if they need to be held for a longer period of time there will be a depletion of nutrients. Treat these plants as you would any potted material in your fertilizer schedule.

Holding: Specimen and Smart Pots can sit on the ground until they are sold. Or you can put them in a sawdust bed or a larger pot with sawdust. The fabric will slow any roots from escaping in to the sawdust. When sold, just pull out of the sawdust, dust off the sawdust, and send it off to its new home.

Repotting: Always remove the bag from the Specimen or Smart Pot when potting up or holding in a larger pot with soil. The polypropylene (plastic) bag will not disintegrate like a burlap bag and you will not get satisfactory rooting. The end result would be a very unhappy customer.

An unexpected experiment: Due to a customer changing a ship date after we had dug their order of Specimen Trees, we had to keep their trees for a year on the loading dock. When we finally shipped, the trees were in great shape. Our loading dock is set up with drip. So, if it is necessary, you can hold a tree for an extended period of time without loss of quality.

Remember: This is just another type of container.


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